Saturday, February 28, 2009

inspiration...distressed by nature

i found these awesome rusty objects today on my run...

really unique collage elements...

with great openings to attach fibers to...

i love to repurpose found objects into art.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is so pretty...a OWOH gift from Kathy at Artful Muse who will also be sending me a copy of her new book Tierra Red once it is published. I'm waiting anxiously as I need a new novel to read..maybe for spring vacation...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My goodies from OWOH have arrived!

Liisa from Ottilias Veranda sent me this beautiful paper cone for sweets and filled with
lots of beautiful candy...

lovely vintage images, glitter and antiqued hang tag!

A little bonus...lots of gorgeous Swedish postage stamps on my package!

Carolyn and Dave from 2 good claymates sent me a lovely polymer clay heart pendant
that is so stunning!

They also included a little taste of their life by enclosing a postcard from British Columbia!

Nikki from Nikki Wheeler sent me two beautiful fiber art coffee cuffs...she was so sweet to send an extra for my son!

Many thanks everyone for your generosity and for sharing your lovely art!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Mixed Media Collage with original background photography and
found objects from nature: seaglass, beach stones, driftwood
grapevines and blueberry twigs.
Frame constructed from old barn wood found on the eastern shore in Maryland.
Other elements include metal mesh fabric, skeleton leaves and some silk cocoons.
The nest (not my photography) is the center of all that is found in nature...

Every year, as a family we spend a week in Maine on the cusp of summer...
before the crowds arrive. It's a wonderful, peaceful opportunity to search for
natural treasures hiding in the marshes, beaches and woods.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

that I was so excited to receive!
Black and white photography is always my favorite...
Stunning art card by Nancy of All Pulped Out
as a thank you for participating in OWOH!

And another...amazing work created by Nancy...
a gorgeous mixed media collage featuring her original photo and art.
Thank you so much Nancy!
I have these displayed where I can enjoy them everyday!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Vintage fabric collage assemblage created on a quilted base...
Hand sewn vintage lace, fabric trim, silk flowers, beads, buttons,
rusty embellishments, fabric mesh, metallic and silk fabrics
and natural fibers...
I did use my sewing machine a bit here and there...
Lots of details and unique elements mixed together to achieve
a whimsical montage of vintage appeal.

Friday, February 13, 2009

THANKS AND GRATITUDE! What a wonderful sense of community...I have met so many gifted artists thorough OWOH and discovered multitudes of creative blogs and inspiring creations! On top of that... how lucky am have won amazing works of art from these very talented artists...
  • Kathy from Artful Muse is sending me a copy of her about to be published new novel Tierra Red and a lovely beaded purse charm!
  • Carolyn and Dave from 2 Good Claymates are sending me a beautiful tapestry heart pendant!
  • Nikki from Nikki Wheeler has selected my name as the winner of her fiber art coffee cuff which my son has already claimed for his own!!
  • Catherine from This Girl Remembers has given me the opportunity to choose two of her amazing digital photographs from her awesome collection!
  • Liisa from Ottilias Veranda is sending me her lovely vintage style cone for sweets!
  • Mary Ann from Follow Your Bliss Designs is sending me a beautiful work of amazing altered art!
Thank you all for your generosity and the opportunity to give your gifted works a new home! Next year I will be joining the Caravan for sure!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ONE WORLD-ONE HEART is an amazing blogging event created and hosted by Lisa Swifka, intended to bring bloggers together from all over the globe in the spirit of friendship and sharing. There are over 900 participants from 28 countries. Though I was not a participant this year I loved being able to meet so many new folks and see so many creative blogs and inspiring works of art! Check out the link as all the sites are listed so you can visit!