Tuesday, May 25, 2010

textured pulp sandwich

I've finished my contribution in Kim's book
"Fragments, Vestiges and Remains" for
 our Pulp Redux collaboration so the book is now
on its way back to New Zealand.
 As I mentioned in my earlier post, for my part,
I've used the photography of Dorothea Lange to create a piece 
illustrating challenging times of the
midwest migrant farmers of the 1930s...

On the left is a quilt I've assembled using recycled fabrics,
book bindings, vintage brass stencils and found flotsam and jetsam.
The star is a remnant from an 1800s quilt which I've reworked
and I've made a little book in the upper corner that contains a quote.

On the right is an an album I've designed using a pages and posts
from a repurposed album which I've attached into Kim's book.
The pages flip but the album cannot be removed as it is woven
into the pages of the book.

I've torn and aged the stack of pages that Kim has given me to
create depth and a layered effect below the album pages... 

The album progression...
suffering and resilience
 mothers and their children
the struggle to resolve conflict
in a world of human error....

I've included some text and quotes from "The Grapes of Wrath"
by John Steinbeck...a novel based on the lives and struggles 
of a fictional family during these times.

The photo of the steer and the family are mounted on covered
foamcore...when the book is closed they fit together
like puzzle pieces providing an even layer of support.

To follow the Pulp Progression click here

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pulp Fragments

A quick sneak peek at my pulp update...

At this point in our Pulp Redux collaboration, I am furiously working
in Kim's book "Fragments, Vestiges and Remains."
Previous contributions have all
been historical themes from the artist's homeland.
For my pages, I've chosen the midwest migrant farmers 
of the 1930s featuring portraits of 
human despair taken by Dorothea Lange. 
I have long admired Ms. Lange so I welcomed the opportunity to
create a piece incorporating her extraordinary photographs.

Portraying the daily struggle of the dream vs. reality endured by these
farmers during one of the greatest environmental disasters ever...

These pages with photographs of mothers and their children
will be bound together as a book within Kim's book
so as to appear as an album.

more to follow soon...