Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Secret Sunday at The Altered Page

Would you like to learn a secret?
Visit The Altered Page to find out lots of them!

The Pulse is a survey of the online art community
and a collaborative project created by
Seth Apter.
In this fourth edition over 200 artists
will be sharing their techniques, art secrets and
favorite sources for inspiration.
Every Sunday new secrets will be revealed.
Don't miss out...
there's no telling what you might learn!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Roots and Pulp Update

So now my book looks like this with lots of layers:

 the last page and inside back cover:

 This signature represents a culture of art 
that surrounded me when 
I was young during my grandmother's era. 

The photograph is of my grandmother as an adult.

On the left is the second half of the poem "The Layers"
a poem about the journey through life.

and last...
the unfinished pages to be completed by the other members
as my book begins its journey this week...
leaving for Lisa in New Zealand soon.

Click on the Pulp Redux logo on the sidebar for
updates about all the books!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's a win win...

Want to win this fabulous KC Willis masterpiece?

Check out the new Marketing Mindset Workshop by KC Willis. 
An online workshop geared towards artists about
how to sell your work and much more. 
Now that you've spent all that time perfecting your art
isn't it time to give yourself a tax deductible gift
of how to market your art?
Just makes sense to me...that's why I've joined!

Now about the flag...if you blog about this fabulous opportunity
and leave a comment for KC here you'll be entered
into a drawing for this gorgeous flag!
You can also find out additional workshop details...
cause there's a lot that's going to be covered!
Go ahead...
Invest in yourself and your art.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pulp Redux Progress

The update on my altered book "Roots.. beneath the layers"
for the Pulp Redux collaboration.
My book is getting thicker...

Front inside cover and first page:

 On the left is a poem by Stanley Kunitz called "The Layers"
and on the right a photograph of my grandmother as a child.
The poem discusses the journey of life and how our
identites change past and future.
The second half of the poem will be on the 
inside back cover of the book.

This page is a fabric and fiber art piece. The five spears of turquoise
represent the five collaborators in this project. Friendship is one
symbolism of turquoise. In an organic sense,
the spears represent "layers" which
by definition are stems that are covered with soil for rooting.

For more details about the project
click on the Pulp Redux link on the sidebar.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

no. 5 emerges

I've finally finished my cover for my altered book for Pulp Redux...
an awesome altered book round robin collaboration that I am thrilled
 to be participating in! My theme is Roots...beneath the layers.
Anyone who has seen my work knows that
layers are one of my signature styles.
I've assembled the cover with cast off parts from other devices
such as an old cuckoo clock, a printers tray and an old camera.
I've also included found objects and a few mini assemblages
I've made from wire and fiber.
The twigs on the side will be part of the cover when the book
returns to me after visiting the other 4 artists
involved in this labor of love.