Monday, November 16, 2009

Roots and Pulp Update

So now my book looks like this with lots of layers:

 the last page and inside back cover:

 This signature represents a culture of art 
that surrounded me when 
I was young during my grandmother's era. 

The photograph is of my grandmother as an adult.

On the left is the second half of the poem "The Layers"
a poem about the journey through life.

and last...
the unfinished pages to be completed by the other members
as my book begins its journey this week...
leaving for Lisa in New Zealand soon.

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Pattee said...

Wow it's beautiful in a mixed media way... I love it!!!

alteredbits said...

omg lady, words totally fail me. this is amazing and magnificent beyond anything i can even begin to imagine or describe. i am so in love with this book! i love and in awe... every single little detail expresses so much love and so many layers. i'm in love. totally and completely head over heels, my friend. can't wait to touch this and turn every page. so excited!!

Dorthe said...

Lisa it is amazingly beautifull, a little wonder of time gone by, and today, collected and created by your hands.
Hugs ,Dorthe

ArtPropelled said...

Lisa this magnificent book looks as if it is filled to the brim with stories from your ancestors. Even the aged lace tells me a story. The image with the Rumi quote is visually exciting. Its an art work in its own right. I would be wonderful framed.

noye studios said...

this is fabulous!!! but i'm such a texture-fiend! can't wait to see your other books.

Thespa McLaughlin said...

It just keeps getting better. Thanks so much for sharing all those wonderful layered pages and their story with us. Have a happy day!

Terri said...

Wow...this is amazing..what a treasure...totally terrific!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Oh, lucky me!! I am going to try very hard not to stalk the mail lady and set up my entire living area in a place where I can see the mail box....

I think I will have a re-newed appreaciation of the things of your grandmothers area once I see this. It's good to stay in a place of appreaciation! The realisation that library slips are going to get harder to find has certainly made me feel more determined to collect all that I can now. They're of a by-gone era already.

Loving your book!

Elizabeth said...

Lisa!!! tHIS is glorious beyond words!!!! Are you sending off the whole book or just pages of it???? I have had books lost in the mail never to be seen again- are you absolutely positive that you want to take the risk on sending off the whole thing????
THink about it!!!
I adore the pages dedicated to your grand mother- the embroidery page is glorious!!

layers said...

we like lots of layers...

Debrina said...

Lisa - Elizabeth is quite right - it is totally SCARY to be sending off our books into the great big world, but we've got to right?!! If we don't take that leap of faith, we'll never find out whether we will fly! (metaphorically speaking of course!). So it's with a bit of dumb luck and blind faith that I send my book off to you.

I simply cannot wait to get this book of yours and smell it, touch it and read it. It's tactility, alone, must be worth the wait and the risk!! Please, DO send it, lol!

Anonymous said...

Again Lisa...what a great, stunning, gorgeous art mix work.
Back from turkey and cant wat to see all you new stuff.

Warmest regards from Maide :-)

vintagesue said...

loving your work!! that book is amazing and i too love all those textures!!! the more the better.
just stumbled onto your blog. you are a stone throw away from me!! if you want to visit my blog, i have an email area of my online shop and i would love to know the PLACES to find the junk. been prospecting for 3 months now and i still haven't quiet found the place!!!
i can't wait to read more of your entries....looks totally interesting and inspiring.
take care

Tammy said...

Wow, what a treasured heirloom you have created here. It is absolutely gorgeous!!
Have a lovely week.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I've been busy with your book and have just update my blog if you'd like to take a peak!