Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's a win win...

Want to win this fabulous KC Willis masterpiece?

Check out the new Marketing Mindset Workshop by KC Willis. 
An online workshop geared towards artists about
how to sell your work and much more. 
Now that you've spent all that time perfecting your art
isn't it time to give yourself a tax deductible gift
of how to market your art?
Just makes sense to me...that's why I've joined!

Now about the flag...if you blog about this fabulous opportunity
and leave a comment for KC here you'll be entered
into a drawing for this gorgeous flag!
You can also find out additional workshop details...
cause there's a lot that's going to be covered!
Go ahead...
Invest in yourself and your art.


layers said...

thanks for the tip on selling-- with the economy this year-- I have to admit that sales have been pretty low. I hope has been good to you.

Debrina said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for the tip off, I'm going to go and have a look now.