Wednesday, November 4, 2009

no. 5 emerges

I've finally finished my cover for my altered book for Pulp Redux...
an awesome altered book round robin collaboration that I am thrilled
 to be participating in! My theme is Roots...beneath the layers.
Anyone who has seen my work knows that
layers are one of my signature styles.
I've assembled the cover with cast off parts from other devices
such as an old cuckoo clock, a printers tray and an old camera.
I've also included found objects and a few mini assemblages
I've made from wire and fiber.
The twigs on the side will be part of the cover when the book
returns to me after visiting the other 4 artists
involved in this labor of love.


ArtPropelled said...

Just Stunning!

alteredbits said...

i just posted on the pulp blog but i wanted to comment here too. i said:

omg, omg. i knew your book would be amazing beyond words but i never could have dreamed of this utter masterpiece! this is amazing beyond words! i am in total awe, lady. this is magnificent and beautiful and gorgeous and perfectly amazing. all of the details and textures and pieces tell so many stories themselves and this... wow. an assembook indeed! i'm just giddy over here thinking of all that can be done on your pages. great job!!

and i elaborate:

this is stunning beyond words. i do so love your work, lisa! you are such an inspiration! why don't you teach workshops? like in portland. ;P


Ottilias Veranda said...

Hi Lisa, this is so stunning and cool! Do You know what I saw in the thumbnailpicture of this in my follow list?...a mud Hound! Yes if You look again its a sweet dog with a birdsnest as nose and a sparkling blue pearl in his eye complete with a dog collar looking through a fence! That´s cool even if it wasn´t ment to be that!!
You´re doing better and better!

Seth said...

I love this. The layers, depth, and texture here are all so compelling. And what a great theme, Roots, which itself has so many layers to it!

Jo Archer said...

Fabulous! All the things I love. rusty metal, frayed fabric and a lot of talent.

Diane said...

This is amazingly beautiful, Lisa!
The layers, the assemblage....all of it...GORGEOUS!
Hugs, Diane

layers said...

LOVE this book cover--- as you know from the name of my blog that I am into layers myself and into rusty, worn, torn stuff as well.

Kerin said...

I just had to stare when the page came up. This is amazing Lisa!!! Everything about it is awesome.

Dorthe said...

Lisa you are a fantastic Artist,this book is so special, and wonderfull.

NuminosityBeads said...

This really is fabulous. Thanks for sharing it withus.

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

I didn't realize this was a round robin from the collage camp site so will really look forward to see the "layers" that return!