Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Finds

the cherry blossoms outside my studio window...
definitely my favorite time of the year!
I've finally opened my Art Fire shop
and listed a few things
hoping to get more in there soon!
i've found a delightful new blog...
actually...she found me!
anyway...Maide makes the most beautiful
vintage style collages and art pieces...
I can't even describe how lovely her work is
so please take look for yourself!
I've just found a fabulous giveaway at
lots of beautiful goodies to win
and gorgeous hand made earrings
her jewelry is so creative and lovely
and from Maine...
a very favorite place of mine!


Elizabeth said...

Your Artfire piecesa re glorious!! Good luck with selling them- I am SURE that theyw ill go quickly!! I just love how you put things together!!!
I went to Maides Blog- thank you so much for the hint- what amazing work and such creativity! I love her boot spats!!!
So glad that I found you!!

Ottilias Veranda said...

Good luck with Your shop!! Your pieces are so beautiful I bet You have no problem selling them!


Leticia said...

Hi Lisa, Just found your lovely site through Prim and Whimsy Girls. Your art pieces are beautiful!

Terri said...

Best of everything with the Art Fire shop.

Those cherry blossoms are delicious. Have you tried Cherry wine? Yummy.

And yes I'm happy to have that task behind me . Thanks for stopping by.