Monday, June 29, 2009

Looking for an Exciting Summer Read?

I highly recommend Tierra Red by K.P. Vorenberg
"Set against the backdrop of territorial days
in New Mexico, a Gibson Girl heroine and an
unforgettable cast of characters
sift through clues on two continents in their
search for truth, justice, and love."
sI was the lucky recipient of a copy of Kathy's newly published book
courtesy of her One World, One Heart Giveaway in March.
Usually not a fiction reader, I enjoyed this gripping tale so much
I finished it in a few days...I just could not put it down!
I truly loved the story...the characters, the history lesson...
and the corruption made this such a treasure to read!
Kathy's artistic, factual writing created a cast of characters
and locations so authentic I could visualize being there myself!
For a visual treat, visit Kathy's website Artful Muse to see her
beautiful, unique beaded art!
There's no end to the creativity and talent of this gifted woman!


Diane said...

Thanks for the reading tip. I will pick up her book.

KV said...

Oh, wow, Lisa! I am so glad you loved reading my book. And I thank you for all the compliments, too . . .

Kathy V in NM