Saturday, September 19, 2009

for the love of wire

"catching the dream"
mixed media assemblage created for a challenge at mixed media art
16 x 9" layered chicken wire embedded with found objects and fibers.
an ancient rusty wind chime hangs from the bottom
contrasted with silk ribbons.

"the dream was always running ahead of me.
to catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it,
that was the miracle" -anais nin
this piece is my intrepretation of the above quote. as always
 there are many layers of details and elements to see!
 5" x 7" fabric collage designed on an artboard then
embedded into the 16 x 9 " layers of chicken wire.
the quote is hand stitched onto
a base of deeply layered fabric and textures. at the top of the text
is a very interesting old victorian glass thingy to which
i've adhered a dragonfly printed on a transparency
to the surface. i wanted to add interest but maintain the
transparent appearance.

the  4" deep sides are
filled the layers of wire with beach stones and glass,
grapevine and driftwood and bits of vintage text. 
i can't believe i didn't cut myself while working with
all this sharp wire! metal fabric mesh embellished with hand stitched
crystal beads is wrapped all around the sides
to create depth and an ethereal feel.

at the base i've fashioned a birds nest out of grapevine, wire,
silk rods and mohair.

silk rod with vintage button and mohair wrapped with wire and beads.
i think jewelry making is in my future.. i really love working with wire!
beach glass and a part of the slate from the roof of my house...


Dorthe said...

Lisa, this is so fantastic beautifull, a wonderfull art creation.
Love all the beach finds you incorporated with the wire,beads, and everything else,

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

it's totally gorgeous !! I have no words.....
j'adore !!

layers said...

This one has so many layers and objects I love-- beach pebbles, nest, and much more all layered and textured with a poem involved. very nice...

Anonymous said...

i fell in love at first sight with this when i saw it posted on the MMA site. now, that i can see larger versions of all of the details, omg. this is a tremendous masterpiece! i love every layer and element, the various textures -- the hardness of the rocks with the softness of their curves, nestled all sweetly in the bed of wire of fibers... and that quote, not that it should surprise you, is one of my favorites. i love anais nin! the wind chime is to die for gorgeous and the next -- wow! one day i'm going to become a billionaire just so i can hire you to make me a nest a day for a both (if a billion bucks would be enough). you create the most stunningly beautiful things, sweet lady! you have my vote for sure! and i LOVE how you add the text page. you are brilliant!

i want to see a photo of your roof!

Kerin said...

I absolutely agree with that alteredbits person above (who IS she anyway?!?!?)

The details of this are so fabulous and there is no way to take it all in when viewing the pic of the full piece. I loved each photo and was so glad to be able to see them even larger. Awesome awesome awesome!!!

This is my absolute favorite I've seen of yours so far! And jewelry now??? WOW!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

Kim said...

Lisa, this is dedication to your art! Now your pulling apart pieces of the house to include too! ROFL! I'm with Alicia, how wonderful is this piece!!! I can't believe you didn't cut yourself either! This is just so charming, love all the little details, the fibres, beads stones all of it! I think you would do really well with jewelry. Your ideas and attention to detail are a perfect match!

Gaby Bee said...

Every time I think I have found my favourite piece on your blog a new one appears. You just blow me away with your artwork. You always incorporate the most unusual and amazing details in your pieces, Lisa. I do like how you have combined the fibers and the rusty wire. Love especially the addition of the beach pebbles!
This piece is simply perfect!

Elizabeth said...

This piece is amazing!! I can't really add to what has been already said except that I Adore this piece and am always amazed at your ability to layer without covering everything up- you ahve such an amazing touch- you take us into the interior of each piece!!
You would do fabulous things with Jewelry!!!!!

Diane said...

Hi Lisa,
Your creations are just mind boggling to me. It seems like everything you touch turns to sheer beauty, regardless of what it is. This is amazing!
Hugs, Diane

Rainey said...

A really cool piece of art!

ArtPropelled said...

Intriguing assemblage. I love it!

Seth said...

This piece is so unique. Love the depth and layers you have created. I just want to keep looking at all the small details!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

You deserve all these great comments, this is a wonderful piece! I can't believe how many great things you've managed to incorporate into one co-hesive nest.Very nicely done:)

Doreen said...

I LOVE this!!!! So unique and the quote!


nina said...

this absolutely takes my breath away - so glad to have come here this afternoon. be very proud of yourself! xx

Anonymous said...

still loving this so very much! hadn't heard from you in awhile (like over a day!!) so wanted to pop over and say hello to see if you've posted anything new. hope you're great and having a fantastically creative start to the week!