Saturday, September 18, 2010

moo it forward

do you moo?

thanks to mary jane i discovered and ordered some
of these adorable miniature cards with a 15% off discount
and you can too!

i love my little moo's so fast and easy to do
and you get to select  and crop up to 19 images for a
box of 100 cards.

how fun is that?


Elizabeth said...

I might just hav eto jump in and do this!! I love the idea of being able to use multiple images!!! Love yours!! Happy Fall!!

mairedodd said...

they are the best and i love how yours turned out!

dosfishes said...

There was a great article in I think Greencraft or Somerset Life on making little cases for the moo cards.
Great images and how fun that you can use multiples.
xox Corrine

Kim Palmer said...

Fantastic idea Lisa, they look great

Joanna B said...

Lisa, my beautiful package just arrived and I noticed your little "moo" card 1st thing (well, actually 2nd). It's a great little card. xo Joanna

Jennifer Dixon said...

Thanks for the great tip on cards and thank you also for the nice comments on my blog! I love your blog and it is always one of my frequent stops! I can't wait to see what you will be creating now that you have some free time during the school day! Take care! :)

layers said...

hmmm-- intriguing, will have to look into what these moo cards are-- yours look wonderful

Kerin Gale said...

Wow Lisa!

They look awesome! So much more interesting than the same ol' card. I'll definitely check into these.


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

These are great! A lovely way to pay tribute to what you do!

Seth said...

I Moo Too!

Anonymous said...

woohooo, i moo! i should have a new order any day now. i swear they emailed me almost two weeks ago to say they were coming.

yours are GORGEOUS! wish i would have seen yours for inspiration before i ordered mine. ;)