Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pieces of the Past

I just completed this piece for a challenge from
KC Willis at Collage Camp.
the idea was to use only recycled and used elements.
this wonderful old printers box was perfect for such a project!
most of the pieces are things i have picked up on the ground...
on my runs in the city...
at the beach..or in the woods.
although i must confess there are a few bits of
paper and such that are not recycled...
I couldn't help myself...creative license bonus!
this is one of my favorite quotes.. though i have so many...
but it really described the essence of this piece...
my favorite type of art...
bringing together bits of found treasures from many places
to create a beautiful rembrance. the paper is coffee stained.
the grapevine and beach glass i collected myself.
i've added a couple of old clock gears for a bit of steampunk appeal..
i thought they went well with the brass connectors
on the crossbars of the box.
i found this piece of beach glass last week in Maine...
it reminded me of an old vase.
i always have a closet full of hanging flowers
in the process of drying...
i love using them to make wreaths and wrap gifts.
i made this nest out of some chicken wire and
used a beach pebble for the egg.
the old lace doily is coffee stained.
the driftwood came from the beach
and pools in Maine.


Micki said...

This is gorgeous, what a wonderful display of curiosities.

Elizabeth said...

Lisa !!

What a fabulous piece and a wonderufl use for the great printers tray!! I love how you have put things together here!!! Love the quote as well!!

I am selling collage packs of rusted fabrics and trims- if you know of anyone in yor KC Willis class who might be interested!! On my Etsy site!!

Love seeing the touches of Maine here as well!!

Ottilias Veranda said...

Mwah! Just beautiful! What a collage You have put together here!driftwood,rusty things,old photos..just my kind of things! We are soon of to our summercottage (with Maine-like beaches)So I will probably come home with a lot of beautiful stones and driftwood...yummy!

I´m impressed!


Terri said...

Top notch the whole composition is just perfect. You really did a fabulous job with each and every compartment. I'm sure you must be very happy with this piece.

KV said...

Oh, wow! I just love your gift for putting so many nostalgic pieces together to make beautiful art . . .

Kathy V in NM

Anonymous said...

this is absolutely gorgeous! i adore your little nest too -- you're just amazing, lady.


Debrina said...

Beautiful. You always continue to suprise me and inspire me with the ingenuity and delicacy of your work.

Diane said...

Hi Lisa! This is just stunning! So delicate, so beautiful & so inspiring! Hugs, Diane

TattingChic said...

What a beautiful collage! That looks like an old printsetters drawer. Is it?

Viola said...

How wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

OMG I love the printer's box! I have a big one with teensy spaces that I want to decorate. I just emailed you about KC Willis and her collage camp. I hope we work on something like this????