Monday, September 14, 2009

the meme, the bad and the ugly

seems pretty clear doesn't it?
(no, I don't mean the photo taken with my iphone
while dodging oncoming vehicle)
i's right in the middle of the road.
o.k. I'm a runner.
ran my first marathon in 1997 so i've been on the streets
for quite a while, so to say.
so this is not a momentary gripe.
i must have counted at least 25 cars that did not stop...
not even slow down
while i was waiting on the white painted crosswalk...
including the guy in the convertible
who watched me as he sped right past this sign in the middle of the road.
"don't worry" i told him pointing to the sign "that doesn't apply to you"
he had no idea what i was talking about.
that's scary.
in fact there are two signs about 30 yards apart at this crosswalk.
nobody seems to think it applies to them
how crazy is that? maybe they can't see or read...
but then should they be driving a car?
i ride a road bike as well but I'm not even going there today...
please drive safely
the life you save might be your own.
anyway...this post was written in the spirit of the
kind and good meme award
 which was passed along to me by the lovely sweetheart 
Alicia who at this very moment is
working feriously on the next issue of the Altered Bits art zine!
this award requires me to reveal 7 things about myself
before passing it onto 7 other people.
this is an obvious challenge for me as my post today is #1.
I am going to reserve the other 6
until they come to mind and
i promise they won't
be commentary on bad human behavior!
Thanks Alicia!


rachel whetzel said...

AND it means STOP THE WHOLE TIME THEY ARE IN THE CROSS WALK!! Not when they aren't in your lane... not until they are MOSTLY out of the walk... OUT OF THE WALK. I've laid on the horn for more than one asshole in my town who can't seem to read. lol

Kim said...

Ooooo! Don't those people just make your blood boil!!!