Monday, September 7, 2009

how the west was won...

"art of being mae"
"Love isn't an emotion or an instinct...It's an Art"
~Mae West
My challenge piece for Altered Bit's Black and White ezine
to be published in early September.
Deadline is past for this issue but you can find more information
about upcoming issues here. 
Check out the current Odd Numbers zine issue while you're there!
It's a bevy of imaginative works of art and
the ultimate in publication design
by the very talented and gifted Alicia.


layers said...

I like your Mae West assemblage. I think we will be have a piece in the black and white issue.

Elizabeth said...

OOOO wonderful piece as always- i jsut love how you put things together!!!! Now off to check out that zine!

Anonymous said...

you do know i adore this piece, don't you! and i still do! i had so much fun designing your zine page! the piece is gorgeous and the photography is phenomenal.

donna has a piece in there too, yep! :)

Dorthe said...

It is fantastic Lisa,
So many layers, all the doodads,-lace,-tulle,-and wonderfull image,-wow-

xo, Dorthe

Terri said...

I'm really liking this one..the theme the details Wow!...I just may have to do a fabric collage sooner than later. I've been collecting fabric and what i just need to sit down and create.

Kerin said...

Ah, I could get lost in the wondrous texture. This is gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for sharing I love it.

Kim said...

So this was the piece you were talking about. Love it Lisa, it looks beautiful. Fabulous textures and depth, just stunning! I can't wait to see everyone else's work when the mag comes out. I've got one in it too!

rachel whetzel said...

Oh, Lisa!! You make me think of ways to get the money to fly to you and roll around in your art process!!

Ottilias Veranda said...



avalonne said...

oh my god !! i didn't know your blog and what a surprise ... it's absolutely amazing and wonderful what you do !!! really , all my congratulations !

Seth said...

Great contribution to what will no doubt be another fantastic ezine.