Thursday, September 3, 2009

KC Studio Retreats News Flash

"you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough"
The amazing Sarah Fishburn will be
teaching a workshop this December at
in Longmont Colorado!
You can read all about it here!
For those of you who live out of the country
and are unable to travel to Colorado
I highly recommend joining Collage Camp!
I did!
You'll get to benefit from the amazing 
inspiration and teachings of the
lovely and talented KC in the comfort of your home.
You'll love it! I do!
And you'll find a lot of other creative folks 
you probably already know there!
Remember you live only once so do it right
join the fun!


Kim said...

I have soo promised myself this treat as soon as I finish fromal studies in the next month. It will be my reward to myself. Wish I lived closer to all this so I could enjoy it in the ocmpany of like minded friends, but i haven't managed to work out how to paddle the land of Oz closer yet, LOL! How gorgeous is that pic of Mae West? Now there's a gal who lived!

Anonymous said...

we should meet there someday. :) it's kind of the middle, isn't it?

Ottilias Veranda said...

Hi Lisa! You should see me now: greeeen of envy over all the fabulous workshops that You have over there! Sweden is years behind with such events. I participate online with as much as I have time to...thank good for the Internet!Perhaps I have to start workshops like this myself... A little expensive though to invite all of You from the USA! A nice vacation though I think! Wouldn´t it be wonderful if I could just "beam" myself over to You!