Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Charming Exchange Auction

This fantastic book has most unique,
beautiful pieces of jewelry...
and now they can be yours!!
Authors Kelly Snelling and Ruth Rae are auctioning
off some of the fabulous pieces from this book.
You can find the auction here.
The best part is 100% of the auction
proceeds will go to
to help fight breast cancer.
So buy yourself a gift and
help fight breast cancer!)


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

So glad you will be joining us over at Pulp Redux! Awesome!

Kelly said...

thank you so, so much for your support, lisa!

Rebecca said...

Thank you for stopping by it is so nice to meet you. Love your mixed media pieces. Wish I had more time to work on mine. I have too many irons in the fire. Stop back again

Debrina said...

Hi ya Lisa! Just caught up with the necklace below one of yours? Wow wee wow wow if it is. If it isn't, I reckon you could make one as good as if not better.
I'm spotlighting you next weekend on my blog. Can I use some of your gorgeous pictures on your blog here on the page I'll dedicate to you?
Love Debs (Debrina)

PS. My word verification is...(get this) "coping".
Only just!

Judy said...

I recently purchased this book. It is absolutely fabulous and full of wonderful ideas and instruction. I plan to try my hand soon at jewelry making.

Thanks to the wonderful ladies who are doing the auction for a great cause. Being a 9 year survivor myself, I know how important it is to continue the search for a cure and early detection.