Monday, October 5, 2009


 "Edgar Allen Poe lived and worked in Baltimore for many years.
In tribute to the 200th birthday of the master of macabre,
the inventor of the detective story, the engineer of science fiction,
Baltimore is celebrating citywide with Nevermore 2009.
The array of special events, exhibitions and tours reaches its crescendo
October 8-11 as friends, fans and fiends gather 
to give him the send off he never had."
The week concludes with a viewing of the body at his former residence
 and a public candellight vigil at Westminster hall.
A funeral procession will travel with Mr. Poe's body  
in a casket via antique horse-drawn hearse to Westminster hall for
a funeral service complete with a number of Poe's contemporaries,
dignitaries and those he's influenced presenting eulogies.
Actor John Astin will officiate over the services.
Too bad Poe will miss the fanfare as it will be
quite the celebration!
when I set about to create a piece for Alicia for our swap... 
It was only fitting that I should choose to create something
in honor of Poe...
especially since I live in Baltimore
and I know she is a fan
and since it is almost Hallween
who isn't at least a bit taken with
 such a complex man and
his difficult journey of 40 years?
"All that we see or seem
is but a dream within a dream."
~Edgar Allan Poe


Kim said...

What a fabulous piece for your swap Lisa! Great theme and ideas! Love Poe,and the whole celebrations idea, with funeral procession just sounds such a hoot! Now you must take lots of pics of the event when it occurs so I can live vicariously through you, LOL!

Dorthe said...

Hi Lisa,
your Poe art piece is so wonderfull, and I love all the clumpies and other fantastic things hanging from the bottum.

-O- Dorthe

Elizabeth said...

Love it all!!! Great colors and specail textural touches- especially the ribbon!! Smiles!

Debrina said...

Wow! Lucky Alicia! Can't wait to see what she does for you, too!!!

Anonymous said...

lovely one! wows!! i lovelovelove this piece and have it hanging right next to my new michael demeng piece. and guess what i blogged about today!?? both. :) how in sync we are!

the past few days have been trying. finn hurt himself at school and has been home since. i'll email about you about it later. hope your little one is great and you are fantastic!


Anonymous said...

oh, and i'm making you a new piece. the one i started was okay, but not great and you deserve my best attempt at great possible. sorry i'm taking so long. :(r

ArtPropelled said...

So many wonderful details in this piece Lisa(and all the other pieces you create). My eye was immediately drawn to the tiny cross stitch on the frayed fabric. Just a simple little touch that appeals to me.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I love the depth of this piece. One can look a long time and still find new things to see.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Oh this is such a cool piece. I was just saying to Alicia how I love the way you taper the bottom into a soft triangle shape with all the lovely fibres. It's so nest like!

Pattee said...

What a fantastic piece of work!

Black squirrels are new to the Pacific NW also. They come from Canada. One or two must of hitched a ride down from Vancouver B.C. We are about 75 miles South of there... now there's black squirrels everywhere!


Patti said...

I saw this on Alicia's blog (I have a page in the b&w zine) and had to come over to see the details - it's extraordinary! I am a very layered person (collector of found objects? forager? pack rat?:) and Nevermore jumped off the page!