Friday, July 16, 2010

life in miniature

art quilt portraying the tiny
dwellers of the tidal pool.
quilted and embroidered
entirely by hand.

all the beauty
mother of pearl buttons, seed beads,
freshwater pearls, linen and scrim

subtly suggested
curly grapevine, hemp and wool 
with freshwater pearls.
antique silk fabric and
hand dyed silk fibers.

silk fibers and ribbons
rusty bell
mother of pearl button

available in my etsy shop.


Becca said...

Whenever I see your work, all I can think of is the word inspiring.

Dorthe said...

Dear Lisa,
What a sweet idea, to make it a kind of quilt-with all the small storyes of their own, -together making a beautifull and so special adventure.
As alwayes I fell in love with your art.
Have a happy week-end, dear.
Hugs, Dorthe


Wow Lisa, this is absolutely stunning and so "up my street". I too love rock pools and layers. I adore your colour scheme here too, the naturals

Have a lovely weekend x

*jean* said...

gorgeous work!

ArtPropelled said...

I see what you mean. Your piece has a similar feel to Carolyn's photo mosaic. Such exquisite work Lisa. I feel a yearning to go to the seaside to potter in tidal pools.

Dee said...

Wow, this is totally gorgeous. x

Whimsey Creations said...

Lisa that is just so gorgeous! You are so creative - lovely work.

Diane said...

Dear dear are AMAZING! This piece is just breath taking. You really do have such a magical touch & your photography is superb!
Hugs, Diane

mairedodd said...

your work is just so gorgeous... honestly... and this is no exception... it is absolutely beautiful...

Jo Wholohan said...

nothing better then textile is there, this is just stunning lisa!!!! xx

The Feathered Nest said...

Absolutely gorgeous Lisa!!! I always love seeing your creations sweetie ~ you're truly inspiring....hugs and love, Dawn

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

As you know, I love everything you do and this is no exception!

Anonymous said...

Lisa I love this!! Gorgeous! I enjoy making miniature hangings with little sections too. Hmmm...I need to make another one. Thank you for the inspiration!
AND...I LOVE THE SILK FIBER I bought from you!! Love the texture it creates.

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Your art just leaves me speechless. Dawn (feathered nest) told me about you & I lurk daily. I don't know how you make all these fibers look so soft & amazing but it's beautiful! Lisa

Jillayne said...

The other day I was trying to imagine what a little quilted hanging would look like if the edges were left ragged and the colours were were soft and serene and I couldn't - and here is the perfect vision. This is just beautiful! I came from Diane Knott's blog and am now a Follower - love your work very much!

Anonymous said...

oooh, i have missed so much! you must think i'm a horrible flake this summer.

i just adore this fantastically gorgeous piece! you are the queen of all things fabric, fiber, grape-viney or nesty. i am in love! i find myself wishing, ever time i look at your stunning art, that i wish i were a bazillionaire so that i could consign you a few times a year to make me a piece of your magnificent art. LOVE this!

Barbara Jean said...

This is wonderful
Glad to find you through Diane at Diane Knott's Musings


barbara jean

Studio Sylvia said...

Delicacy with underlying strength. A beautiful analogy for the tidal pools. Each square a tiny statement portraying the ebb and tide of marine life .Lovely Lisa.

Crystal said...

absolutely stunning work Lisa! I love the monotone color pallet that pulls the viewer in for a closer look at the treasures and tidbits!

ger said...

Just beautiful... - you have a very unique gift in melting the soft and the rough + rusty think... - I´m posting about your silk fiber today, hope that´s ok with you...;)

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Lisa,
Thank you dear one for your faithful visits to my place. I will gear up to show a bit more of my home, I have been a bit reserved in that area, and really did not want to make this about me but more about inspiring the small things in life that make our hearts sing.

I am in love...enamored with your art. I would love to sit and create with you. I am getting ready to post soon some of my altered art, the fun stuff that shows the altered ego part in all of us when we find that side of us :)

Thank you so much Lisa for your endearing friendship.

layers said...

isn't it wonderful how silk, rust and lace all go together-- you do is so well.

Judy said...

Lisa, these are beautiful! You always do great work! Love it all!

Elizabeth said...

Lisa !! this is soooo stunning! Beautiful subject so wonderfully crafted and represented!!! Fabulous work!!!

altered bits said...

(i still love this MUCHO! had to have another peek.)